Saturday, June 5, 2010


So I made the very long trip to the MK tonight just to see the newly renamed Carousel (okay not so much..) and I am proud to announce that the name has not generated longer lines (ironically I've never simply walked directly on without waiting before)

Normally you can not designate the MK a single color- Today it was easy. Very easy.

A familiar dragon stopped by to say hello (Yes I'm a tease- and yes I took more than 1 picture) but is it sad when the highlight of the parade soon came to be listening to the cheers when a float made it up the incline of the Liberty Square bridge by itself and didn't have to be assisted?
The fireworks were amazing. The rumor that they were the fireworks from Magic Music and Mayhem was mostly correct with the best parts mixed in with some new pieces. I give it a 9 outta 10 (If they didn't use the word "Nightastic" in every sentence it'd be 10 outta 10)

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