Saturday, January 1, 2011

Round 3 Begins

It's hard to believe this is the start of year 3 of 365 Disney Style. It still feels like yesterday I decided to attempt this project and 2 years, 60+ fans and thousands and thousands of pictures later here I am. It's been fun and I hope my love for the parks has shown though (and I've gotten better photographically) but on to a new year with new adventures to see.

But with year 3 comes changes, a new name and new expectations because as Walt said "You have to keep moving forward" So with that onward and upward. Since 365 x 3 (or 1095 Disney Style) just is weird I've decided to partially rename (No links etc will change) to more fully include all pieces of my world.

Each year I've tried to have a quote or word to describe the year and my chosen one this year is "Live spherically and in all directions" and my footsteps though all my worlds.

Since I've been told my logo doesn't make total sense at first glance here is the explanation :)

Walt Disney World (and all Disney- and if I hope right Disneyland and Cruise)
Wizarding World (as you well know I LOVE that place)
The Real World (cause I hope to vacation outside Disney one day)
-em's World (my often unique take on things)
Sea World (as my newest annual pass I'm sure you'll see plenty from here)

I'll warn you now I don't anticipate to post every day (since it's not technically 365 I don't feel as required to post each day- plus after 2 years of daily posting I'm a tad burned out) but I do promise to post at least 4-5 times a week. So I hope you stay with me because more is yet to come-

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Lisa & Sis said...

You do a great job em! I love your posts and journaling. Looking forward to 2011 through your lens. ;>