Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kennedy- Post Shuttle

This was the first time post shuttle I'd been to KSC and it made for some good changes and some not so good... I took the new 'Discover KSC' tour which was very interesting. We stopped less than a mile from launch pad 39A which has now been decommissioned from use-

Inside the VAB- What an amazing building! It's huge! Just visualizing the Apollo rockets in here was hard to believe they filled almost the whole space!

Endeavour getting ready to become a showpiece. I'd prefer to still see them flying but being less than 10 feet away was amazing and glad they will be appreciated by the public soon enough

Work has already begun on Atlantis's new home outside the Shuttle Launch Experience. I do look forward to the new exhibit.

It was weird seeing the display complete and hard to believe 30 years of shuttle flights can be so neatly presented and hard to talk about them in the past tense.

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