Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another year

Where did 2011 go? I think I lost track of it in April... Alas I should have some philosophical thought but the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet so once again thank you to everyone reading this for humoring me and letting me share my view of the world with everyone. Looking at the year upon year post counts I wish I had posted more but life got away from me- so much so I have no countdown of favorite pictures of the year but a quick review of 2011

I'm still there- For better or worse...

I still collect shiny things

and even shinier things that cost a lot more (and I have to work harder to get)

But plastic things have started to invade
(though I take no responsibility for this collection)

I was able to have lots of 'adventures'-

From having family come and visit

to going to visit them

and heading "home" for a few days (which should hopefully happen again this year)

to watching the shuttle program come to an end and multiple visits to Kennedy Space Center (and seeing Endeavour up close)

so overall not much has changed- and 'rail silver once again had to get the last laugh in as the last picture of the year...

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