Monday, February 6, 2012

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Tried the new 'Attraction' at the MK which is similar to Kim Possible but overall better.. After 'checking in' to the Firehouse I received a map, a Key Card and 5 'Spell Cards' with instructions my mission would start in Liberty Square.

I like that the Key Card keeps track of what missions I've done and am told it will activate 'harder' missions eventually once I pass the 'easy' ones... I also really liked that unlike KP I didn't feel rushed to complete the missions as the cards are mine to keep (unlike the phone) so took my time.

While the whole mixing of characters into 1 story line is a tad odd they are well done and for the most part blend in (though they are kinda loud so it noticeable when people are playing)

Overall I like it and will spend more time trying the different lands missions..

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