Sunday, May 24, 2009


*warning nostalgic ramblings ahead*

9 years

9 years today I've been posting on LP. Where did time go? Oh well, I wouldn't change a thing (well okay I'd ban a few posters for the mental health of all of us, and I'd love to know my true post count since I seem to always be hit hard in the archives) but I am very glad to have been a part of the community there and blessed to have met so many awesome people, most of who I call friends. LP has changed over the years but the core essence is still there and so are the friendships (and its still my home page!)

I was thinking this week after tripping down memory lane looking at meet pics trying to decide which LP "meet" was my favorite, and I couldn't decide. They all had their moments (both good and bad) but from my first official meet (the Mrs Nurmi's key lime pie at Fantasia Gardens) to the WDW birthday meet in 2001 to the July meets of 02/03/04/05, to the Dec 06 WDW meet, the Utah meets, Jack taco runs, all the little meets in between, and simply hanging out with my friends.

Thank you for the memories! I would try to name everyone but alas I think there is a word limit and I know I'd forget someone...

9 years done- here is to 9 more!


Klucky said...

My favorites were the 50th were we spent the night in California Adventure & the Titanic meet with Lacey! :D

Monkey Memories said...

*tear* Great post! I'd have to say the camp out in DCA ranks up there for me! Welcome Home!

Oh, and squeezing five grown women in a gold teacup was pretty awesome too!

Threeundertwo said...

I believe I was one of the women in the teacup.

I don't know if I can name a favorite, but the one at Big Thunder Ranch was really special.

Klucky said...

Yes, you were in the teacup! ;)

Man that sure was fun! When are we gonna do it again!? Hehehehe!