Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Okay I am nothing if not an over zealous photographer.. Hence why you are being subjected to YET another day of Flower n Garden (In my defense it was blue sky and I had to re-take pics of most of the topiaries) It's a twelve step program and I'm on oh step one.. Anyway- So they moved Bambi and Friends back to where they were last year

Where they used to be.. Must've clogged traffic


See isn't todays better.. So no more whining about the plethora of pictures

Tron-orail (which I did ride today- but that'll be covered another day)

So today while at Mousegear I discovered they were still selling the Parade Memories CD (Which I've apparently lost) so while I was very glad to find (and buy the cd)I had a good laugh over the fact that if I log onto disneyworld.com I can experience the 100 years of Magic celebration (For those who don't know- that celebration ended umm 8 years ago in early 2002)

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