Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today was one of those days I just don't get paid enough for... We had to flip a room 5 times today (Breakfast to AM Break to Lunch to PM Break to Reception to Breakfast tomorrow)and that was no little feat... Least there was food. Lots and lots of weird food. Now this picture only 3 people will get the rest of you just smile and nod. Chocolate Cheese!

We didn't do anything simple today

Lunch was Greek themed- LOVED the skewers

"Spa Water" aka what weird flavor combinations could they come up with...

Salad. In a Coconut. Really?


Monkey Memories said...

Chocolate Cheese! :-D

Dena said...

Hooray for Chocolate Cheese!! :D

Deb said...

Late to the party, but here I am, the third person to "get" chocolate cheese. Was it as "yummy" as it sounds?