Saturday, May 15, 2010


Happy 500 Day! Now all special days must be celebrated with cupcakes but well Contempo Didn't have a decent selection so the Dirt n Worms cake it was...

But I went all out and got balloons

And fireworks

From both Coasts. It's crazy to think how many pictures I've taken of


Animal Kingdom

California Adventure

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios


and Epcot (and most of these pictures were taken in the last month or two! Except DLR of course) Thousands of pictures taken- Thousands more left to discover! Thank you for sticking around and letting me show my view of the World (and Land) to you. Onwards and now I have oh a week of new pictures to catch up on!

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Dena said...

Happy 500!!

And thanks for the inspiration. Or the copycatness - whatever you wanna call it! :D