Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today marks the start of the countdown to Day 500 of 365 (yes I know how it sounds.) In the past 500 days I've photographed much of WDW and Disneyland but there has been some very important pieces of the parks that have not had the recognition they deserve. I plan to fix that.

Today is the salute to concrete (and other ground-like objects)
Can you figure them all out? Yes they are both WDW and DLR-

1- WDW- Tomorrowland Entrance

2- DLR- Fantasyland (behind castle)

3- WDW- All Star Movies Mighty Ducks section

4- WDW- Contemporary Resort

5- WDW- Pixar Place

6- WDW- Expedition Everest

7- DLR- California Adventure entrance

8- DLR- Disneyland Main Entrance

9- DLR- California Adventure near Bugs Land (or 33.80641N by 117.91964 W)

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Dena said...

Gee...#9 looks so familiar, but I just can't place it...
Hold on, let me go get my GPS! :P