Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So I usually don't regret going to a park. Today I did. Really really regret it. So this is the line to wait in line for Fantasmic (which started oh 3.5 hrs later) course as you'll see later- it wasn't that dumb of a move...

Even NARNIA had a 40 min wait (which ironically was longer than Great Movie Ride AND Star Tours- but I won't read ANYTHING into that) TSMM/Coaster and Tower ALL had 120 min waits... But since the reason I went was for the Rock n Glow Dance party (which is the last piece of Nightastic I needed to see)

Well I lasted a whole 10 min (which was about as long as the characters lasted in the mob before they pulled them for THEIR safety) since well with the DVC Events I get a dance party 2x a day right now...

Yes at 8:00 the 9:00 F! was full... This is what ya get when you don't offer F! Daily in JULY and close at 7/8 the surrounding days... NUTS!!!

But from the safety of the parking lot- it is still pretty :)

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