Friday, July 23, 2010


10 years ago this week I stood in Tomorrowland at the pin cart and told myself to "Just pick one" Yeah that REALLY worked (least THAT trip) but I soon became hooked.

My first collection was "Memories" Things I've done/experienced within the parks. First trip to WDW? Pin. First time eating at Club 33? Pin. Disneyland at Christmas? Pin.

And for the first few years that was plenty. But as time went on I found myself wanting pins that wern't memory based (Well not directly) so slowly I started collecting specific groups.

Lilo, Tarzan & Monorails were the first (Including the "Naughty Tarzan" pin that was pulled from the park due to the unfortunate placement of his foot...)

Once I moved to WDW the collections exploded with Wilderness Lodge/Fort, Minnie dressed up, Patriotic, Dumbo, Small World, Summer and the newest collection: DCA pins (particularly the older ones)

I lost count at 5,000 (Denial is not just a river) but I still love them...


Monkey Memories said...

Naughty Tarzan is still one of my very favorite pins! :)

Dena said...

You're my hero!

I don't have Naughty Tarzan, but I do have the Naughty Chip & Dale smashed penny if that counts!