Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12

So you may think today's picture is a bit odd but it has to do with the most bizarre question/conversation I've ever received while working ANYWHERE (Let alone here...) So today I was at work and one of the leaders of a group we have this week stopped me and asked what my shoe size was... I was caught off guard while I replied 8,8.5 and her reply was aww to small, and then starts to go on how bad her shoes hurt and how she wants to change them etc. I reply that she should check the 4th floor as they have several varieties of shoes and sandals and she replies that she doesn't want to buy any and walks off mentioning how comfortable mine look (and anyway they are NOT)... I am suddenly grateful for my shoe size...

I am ALL for guest service but I draw the line at giving a guest my shoes (besides after 3 hours of walking who would WANT them- trust me they are not a rose garden...)

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