Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16

So today we established the tolerance of the Banquet team on how many drastic changes one group can make to ONE room setup before it makes *everyone* crazy... That answer is 9

The first change to the table set up = no problem (which I think was add table and chairs for 200)
The second change = also no problem (which I think was reduce tables and chairs by 100)
The third change= tolerated (which was adding BACK the 100 and adding 50)
The fourth/fifth/sixth= frustrated (which I think rotated the tables then reduced them to 50 then re-added them all back)
The seventh/eighth/ninth= code red... (which part was removing every other chair then adding it back etc)

and sadly there was *still* an hour before the meeting was to start when I left.. They may be on change 10/11/12 by now... Add that to the other 30+ rooms that needed attention today- the team was frazzled to say the least..

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