Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 3

A huge $$$$ wedding and I end up making the dinner menus, and if thats where the craziness ended it would've been great. I spent 2 hours between both textile services trying to get linen then get the task of creating the menus (One would think if you are spending 250 bucks a person for dinner- you could BUY menu cards..) then get extended to help/witness the madness.. Less than 2 minutes before the doors open, 2 trays of blue champagne hit the floor.. 30 min into dinner one of the centerpieces decides to swan dive INTO the table and then we set off the smoke alam (thank goodness it was a silent one) because they used the smoker to add elegance to the dishes... I may need to get cable when the wedding airs on We TV simply to see how good it looked on tv... I ended up with oh 6.5 hours of overtime so I am NOT complaining

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