Thursday, December 17, 2009


Resort Roundup #2- The Monorail Beam (and beyond)

The Poly (where not only did I get a free cookie I found the ornament I regretted not getting (and at almost 75% off too!)

The Grand- Gorgeous as always (though still not my fav)

Watched Holiday Wishes from the 'temp tonight- Currently listening to the soundtrack to verify they cut a decent sized chunk out :(

The cookies are now normal priced! (for a disney cookie!) I stopped on my way to the 'rails cause the 2009 pins are now 50% off (PLUS my discount!)so I bought the gingerbread and the contemp holiday pin (figured it was better priced now then the pin sale would be)

I am *all* for fire extinguishers but seriously on a random pole in the path to the monorail entrance is just an accident waiting to happen...

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Heather said...

Just got back from Disney the other day. I was trying to find the holiday pins for all the resorts I visited for decorations, but several were sold out. :( I went to the monorail resorts the day after you and they were sold out there already! I had seen a bunch at the DTD pin store earlier in the trip (stupid me didn't buy them then) so we went back there, but they were completely sold out! So bummed. :(

I also got one of the small world cookies. ;)