Thursday, December 31, 2009

31 (Day 365!)

Too cloudy for a great sunset but it works... Watching the sun set on 2009.

and stayed closed for most of the day but the other parks did not close at all (unlike previous years when 3 of the 4 closed off and on all day..)

Hidden Mickey!

Happy 2010!

Runner Up #3 (I KNOW you smiled or laughed when you saw this even if you won't admit it!)The end!

Runner up #2

Runner Up #1

and my favorite picture of the year (at least in this moment but any of the last 6 count!) as it has 2 of my favorite things and shows (at least to me) how much I've come to master my camera in the last year.

The statistics-
Apparently I spend more time in the top part of the world, as the most "Pictures of the Day" came from there.. Magic Kingdom: 19% of the time (or 70) Work/Contemporary 18.5% of the time (68) followed in order Resorts (37) Epcot (37) Merchandise (32) Studios (28) Other (25) My Stuff (20) Disneyland (18) DAK (16- REALLY thought there was more) and Monorails (14-also surprised!)

I took more than 8,000 pictures with the majority being Disney and have loved sharing them with everyone.


Jaime @ Just Add Laughter said...

LOVE the Partners statue one! And the one of Dumbo looks like a postcard (you should market that!!)

Ron said...

Happy New Year

Can't believe you made it through the year with a picture a day! Way to go.


Heather said...

I love the Dumbo one & the hidden mickey fireworks is SO cool!

Lisa said...

LOVE the Walt shot!!!