Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Alas I am home now and just starting to go through the 1600+ pics of the last week... I had a blast with both old and new friends and did all of my favorites and a few new adventures and can't wait to go back (okay okay give me a few weeks)

I realized yesterday that the statues around the hub are in a different order at WDW... Minnie is at the 1 o'clock position at DL and the 7 o'clock position at WDW

I like the visual impact the Orbitor has at the entrance to Tomorrowland (and I'm always amazed how much time I spend in DL's T-Land vs WDWs)

RED! So I only was able to ride Blue this trip though I did get to see all 3 flying. Orange was only out 1 day and I never had a chance to ride.. (something for next time!)

One of the last things we did was see the Christmas parade (and I won't confess that it wasn't until I saw pictures posted that I made it a must see)and it was pretty good.. The time of day stunk for getting decent pics though

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